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Your Web site is the first impression your prospective customer or client receives of your company and your product. In addition to SEO and related issues, you want your Web site copy to be clear, accessible, and engaging. Your Web site visitors should receive a strong and positive sense of who you are, what you do, and why they should select your product.

Sibia Proofreading’s editors will help you establish the most appropriate tone for your Web site. Depending on your industry, your Web site copy style must cater to particular groups of potential customers. While you don’t want to sound overeager and easily forgettable, you should also refrain from sounding too impersonal and inaccessible. Overusing informal language may make savvy customers wary of the quality of your product, while overly formal language may simply lose their interest in staying on your Web site.

With Sibia Proofreading’s Web site copy editing service, you can ensure that you strike the best balance in tone and style, when writing your Web site copy. Sibia Proofreading’s excellent editing service ensures that your Web site copy is:

Above all, your Web site copy must be clear and easy to understand. Clicking the “Back” button is too easy for Internet users, so don’t give them a reason to do so. You have no reason to assume that your Web site visitor knows anything about you, so your copy must quickly and clearly inform them.

Sibia Proofreading editors will ensure that the information about your company is comprehensible to first-time visitors and potential customers. Simple and direct sentence structures are invaluable, and the information you present should be comprehensive.

Designing a sophisticated Web site can be fun—occasionally, too much fun! Your Web site visitors may become distracted or even disinterested by the overuse of outside links, irrelevant graphics, or unexplained references.

With the help of our Sibia Proofreading editors, you can check that your Web site copy flows directly and logically. The information about yourself and your product should flow naturally, projecting to the customer a clear understanding of why you hold an edge over your competitors.

Internet users, continually exposed to countless outlets of information and advertising, are extremely savvy and don’t usually enjoy reading anything twice. Make sure your Web site copy sounds original, so that you are imprinted in your potential customer’s mind as a unique voice with a unique product.

Sibia Proofreading Web site copy editors can help you develop an original and consistent writing style. Your Web site—and as a result, your company—will appear fresh, dynamic, and memorable to all your customers.

Sounding unique, as emphasized above, does not mean alienating potential clients with an unconventional Web site copy style. In order to attract the most attention possible to your services, your Web site copy should engage the reader and make him or her actively seek more information about you and your company.

Our editors at Sibia Proofreading know just what changes are needed to enliven your Web site copy and keep your visitors reading and clicking onwards. Sibia Proofreading can help you introduce yourself and your product informatively through engaging and even entertaining Web site copy.

Before you publish your Web site online, you must make sure that your Web site copy is perfect, as this is perhaps the most crucial introduction to yourself and your services.

Submit the draft of your Web site copy today to Sibia Proofreading! Sibia Proofreading editors will perform an extensive Web site copy review to ensure that you put your best foot forward as you launch your company. Our Web site copy editing service guarantees that your Web site will give your visitors a positive and memorable impression of you, your company, and your product.


Copy-editing is a big step up from proofreading. While a proofreader focuses solely on accuracy and consistency of spelling, punctuation and grammar, a copy editor also works on style to ensure logical, clear, flowing text.

All publishing houses use both a copy editor and a proofreader to ready a book for publication. Ideally, the services are performed by two different editors. Book Specialist editors copy-edit to a high standard. But we do recommend a final proofread following a copy-edit, especially if you have changed any text following the copy-edit.

Some people skip the copy-editing stage in the editorial process, and go straight to hiring a proofreader. That’s fine if you only want corrections. But if you want any help polishing your writing style, you need copy-editing. If you’re not sure which service to choose, send over an extract and we can give you some guidance.

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