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  • Our dedicated, highly-qualified English teachers with business experience will push you to achieve the best results.

    Gain confidence and the skills you need to communicate in the international marketplace.

    Carefully structured lessons at your level, and flexible timetables to meet your needs, help you learn faster.

Who We Are

  • GT-1

    Adrienne Levy

    — Business Language Specialist
    • MBA INSEAD 2007
    • 5 Years Start-up Advisor
    • 5 Years Business English Tutor

    I love to see my students excel and reach their full potential. I aim to make my sessions informative, enjoyable and inspiring.

    If you are achieving high results but want to raise your game further, or you are having difficulties and need help, I have relevant experience.

    I am creative, energetic and focused, and dedicated to the improvement of my pupils.

  • Daniel Sage

    — Senior Tutor
    • MA, BA (Hons) English Language and Literature (Sussex)
    • Writer and Journalist
    • 15 Years Investment Banking Experience

    I specialise in motivating my students to help them improve quickly and with focus.

    I am friendly, patient and experienced, and committed to seeing my students succeed.

    The author of two books, numerous short stories and journalist pieces, I can help you to make your written and spoken English shine.

  • DW-1

    D. D. Barrell

    — International Economics Writer
    • MA, BA (Hons) PPE (Oxford)
    • Leading International Health Economist
    • 12 Years Broadsheet Journalism Experience

    I inspire students to be the best that they can be, and to make rapid, useful progress.

    I operate on the premise that an engaged student is best able to focus and absorb new ideas. The critical and creative sides of the brain are both invited for an effective, interactive process.

    My lessons are fun, focused, well-prepared and illuminating.

Multi-Discipline Skillsets

  • Grammar




    Telephone Speaking

  • Confidence






Interesting Facts

  • 1,500+ new business terms coined so far in the 21st century

  • 20 billion+ coffees drunk

  • 28 language-related promotions through London Business English