About Us

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  • How We Work – Helping You Get Ahead

    We are a small, flexible company. Our courses are tailored to fit you perfectly. Every set of classes begins with a discussion about what your aims are, what exactly you want to improve, and when you can begin! All our tutors have extensive business experience working in finance, economics, the private corporate sector or business journalism. All hold degrees in English language-related subjects and are native speakers. And all are experienced at tutoring and teaching up to graduate level. You will gain an unmatched level of insight and confidence into working in the English corporate world that no other tutor company offers. We’ve been there, we’re still there, and we can help make you feel at home.
  • What We Offer You

    The best in business English tuition
    Unrivalled focus and follow-through
    Qualified teachers with business experience
  • Our 100% Guarantee

    Our lessons are 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy with your class, or feel it did not deliver to your expectations, we will refund 100% of your fee for that class, without a quibble[1].

    [1] Your word for the day 😉
  • Fun Facts About Us

    Five of our Tutors are Musicians – Language Needs Music

Core Subject Areas

    • Better Fluency

      Speak faster and more clearly. Use more words. Say what you mean easily.

    • Improved Listening Skills for Meetings and Teleconferences

      Tips for listening, moving on when there’s a word you don’t understand, how to feel confident “getting the gist of something”, and when to ask someone to repeat what they have said.

    • Being Understood

      Saying what you mean clearly involves being able to use language well, with the right phrases and structure. Logic in language is meaning.

    • Role, Company, and Sector-Specific Vocabulary

      Can you tell your capex EBITDA from your house-bound litigant? Do you need to? What technical terms and jargon do you need for your industry?

    • Effective Writing

      Tools and tips galore. Email is an art form. Letters can start wars, end wars, make love, do business. Be more persuasive with how you write. Learn tried and tested ways to get your message across and make a difference.

    • How To Tell A Good Joke In The Office

      Freud said the English were mad, but then he moved here! He loved the humour (and the weather). He knew it was the best medicine. A good sense of humour is a bonus in succeeding in English life. Check your frown at the door and relax.

  • Sharper Focus

    You will be prepared to operate in an English-speaking work or business environment You will feel confident knowing the rules, and when to relax them Find the language easily that you need for your role

  • Experience and Relevance

    • Dedicated highly qualified teachers
    • Specialist training for banking and finance
    • Experienced in the corporate sector
    • Practised in meetings, tele-conferencing, negotiations, reports and presentations
    • Support follow-up
    • General, conversational tuition available too
  • What Clients Say